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My Name's Burchmore...

Daryl Burchmore’s collection became world-famous after the success of the exhibition and the Christie’s auction in 1998. You can view some of the more interesting items from Daryl’s archive on-line in the Gallery  & Poster Gallery. But first, here’s some background information on Daryl’s amazing hobby....

Daryl has always been a familiar face on the 007collector’s circuit. He’s attended the various film premieres, screenings and fan club conventions over the years. He’s also well known for his uncanny habit of seeking out that extremely rare, one-off James Bond collectible..

Daryl is often quoted in interviews as saying that Bond was ‘always in his blood’. Born just 3 days after ‘Dr. No’ premiered in 1962, his dad was already a reader of the Ian Fleming novels and his mum soon became a fan of Sean Connery’s screen interpretation. Like most boys growing up in the UK during the 1960’s and 1970’s, Daryl’s first exposure to 007 came in the form of the toy Aston Martin produced by Corgi. However, it was his mum’s 1965 ‘Thunderball’ brochure which became Daryl’s first piece of genuine cinema memorabilia when she passed it on to him in the 1970’s.

It all started here...

It was with the release of ‘Moonraker' (in 1979) that the collecting bug really took hold! Daryl had just started work and found himself with some spare cash in his pocket. At that time, James Bond merchandise was not deemed as highly collectable as it is today, except amongst the die-hard fans, naturally! Daryl can remember when ‘Goldfinger’ posters were in plentiful supply and reasonably priced at around £10 each!  Ah, those were the days! He joined the James Bond British Fan Club (as it was then called) and started to swap memorabilia with other fans at the various club gatherings held in the capital.

Throughout the 1980’s, as Roger Moore handed over his Walther PPK to Timothy Dalton, Daryl continued to add to his collection as he ‘bought everything with the 007 logo on!’. 

007 Assortment

During the late ‘80’s Daryl featured regularly on the pages of 007 Collectors News (the publication of the James Bond Collectors Club, founded by Dave Worrall). He owed this ‘celebrity’ status to his discovery of such treasures as the OHMSS bob-sleighs for 50p each at an auto jumble and for rescuing that Land Rover wheel from Beachy Head.

Daryl was recognized by fellow Bond fans when he attended  the Bonham’s movie costume auction in 1987. It was here that he and Mark Dawson purchased the two mineworker costumes from ‘A View To A Kill’ (1985).

By the time that the world’s most famous secret agent took a leave of absence from the cinema screen in 1989, James Bond memorabilia had started to reach ‘silly’ prices. Daryl’s archive of Sean Connery, George Lazenby and Roger Moore items now represented a considerable financial investment.

The eventual release of ‘Goldeneye’ in 1995 brought with it an avalanche of new products. A new James Bond (in the guise of Pierce Brosnan) and the first film in six long years left Daryl in ‘collector’s heaven’ (and a little poorer!).

With ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, Brosnan confirmed the role as his own. In 1997 the movie series enjoyed a popularity not seen since the 1960’s. As a result, Bond collectibles were much in demand with prices remaining at a premium.

It was at this time that Daryl became tempted to streamline his collection and to be part of the first major James Bond auction to take place in the UK.

The famous auctioneers  put together an impressive catalogue for their premiere 007 sale. Items from ‘the Daryl Burchmore collection’ joined those of top British collectors Graham Rye (President of the James Bond International Fan Club) and Dave Worrall (from the Collectors Club).

The event captured the imagination of the world’s media and Daryl was seen on television screens across the globe chatting to his friend Desmond Llewelyn.

Lot Number One was Daryl’s ‘Goldfinger’ Corgi Aston Martin, signed by Desmond with ‘Q’s most famous line from the movie: ‘I never joke about my work 007!’ Just before the bidding Desmond wished Daryl ‘Good luck!’. Both men were astonished when the model was knocked down for £700 -a world record!.

That  £700 signature!

Although the remainder of the lots from his collection didn’t quite match the £60,000 paid to Graham Rye for Oddjob’s bowler hat, Daryl remains pleased with his participation in the inaugural sale. He stresses that he parted with only a small amount of his celebrated archive. The remainder is today in storage at a secret location.

Daryl continues to collect James Bond merchandise and the recent release of ‘The World Is Not Enough’ has seen his collection increase further. Now that he is ‘on-line’ Daryl looks forward to communicating with fellow collectors around the world.

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