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Our new feature asks for your help in learning more about some unusual Bond collectibles.!

Unlicenced Lotus Esprit

Collector Steve Bowes has contacted Daryl regarding his model of an unlicenced Lotus.

The model appears to be similar to the Corgi Junior that was issued from 1977 to the mid ‘1980’s -the submarine fins are in the fixed ‘open’ position.

There are two molded rocket hatches on the roof.

The box artwork includes the words Maxwell Mini.

Does this look familiar to you!

Was this product the work of an enterprising Bond fan or was the item mass produced?

If anyone has any further information regarding this model, Steve would like to hear from you!

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The scale of the model defined in relation to a $1 bill!

Thunderball Shoes!

Daryl is still trying to uncover the ‘mystery’ of his 007 shoes!

Produced in 1965 and mentioned in the ‘Thunderball’ press book, Daryl has never seen or heard of another surviving pair in 21 years of collecting James Bond memorabilia.

Is this pair unique? Please tell us if you have, or know of, another pair out there in 007 collecting land.

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Styled For 007!

Richard Bond contacted Daryl regarding the James Bond Box Dice Game. He writes:

Did you own a pair?

Its makers say its 'A NEW PRECISION PRODUCT FROM WATERMANS FINE INSTRUMENTS- MADE IN ENGLAND' but Waterman's experts tell me its nothing to do with the pen company.

Its a fairly mundane dice game but the copywriting suggests that playing it will transform you into a Monte Carlo high roller, with cigars, brandy and glamorous women;



- Tension mounts as the dice put wits and and luck to the test."

On The back we are invited to enter 'The World Of James Bond...

The Exciting Cover!
The base of the box!

"Fast, racy, polished...full of suspense and spiced with danger- that's 'the world of James Bond'. Larger than life, but a symptom of the times. James Bond's world of international intrigue is our world-only more so. It is ruthless but civilised, tough but tantalising...a world of increasing pace and more exotic forms of relaxation.

It is this world which has welcomed The James Bond Box- a fascinating new gambling game. Simple as Roulette, calculating as Poker, sophisticated as Chemin de Fer. Here then is The James Bond Box- the 'thriller' game for you when 'life is nothing but a heap of 6 to 4 against'. Your own portable casino. Test you skill...nerve...flair, Add it to your arsenal of pleasure. Play it at your club or at home, for high stakes or none. Its the most fascinating antidote to care since television !"

Phew !

The game itself!
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Well, if anyone out there can give us any history or evaluation then I'd be most grateful. And yes I am aware I share my surname with the world's most famous secret agent- although MBNA bank thought they would point this out to me when they offered me a James Bond 007 Credit Card recently!

The James Bond Video Event Of The Year!