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'Cosy afternoon viewing' Not!

Daryl Burchmore recently made a some what controversial appearance on the popular Channel 4 programme, ‘Collector’s Lot’.

'I never joke about my collection...!'

Presenter Sarah Greene introduced Daryl’s collection as part of the new Trading Site slot. Daryl gave viewers an insight into 21 years of collecting Bond as the camera zoomed in on a variety of 007 merchandise.

The lovely Sarah Greene!

At the end of the feature, Sarah asked Daryl for an item from his collection that he would be willing to part with, and which would be auctioned on the programme’s Internet site.

'Now Where Did I Put My Blue Peter Badge!'

He chose the 1989 ‘Licence To Kill’ gift set produced by Matchbox. Daryl told viewers that the set originally sold for £8.00 but was currently fetching up to £150.00 on the collector’s market. As he was the first collector to be invited on to the Trading Site, Daryl agreed to open the bidding at £50.00

How Much?

However, Daryl’s estimate of the gift set’s value raised more than a ‘Roger Moore’ eyebrow with a number of viewers, if the comments on a number of 007 Internet newsgroups are any indication! 

'No, You Can't Have It, It's Mine!'

Some collector’s wrote in to say that they believed the ‘Licence To Kill’ set was readily available at a more reasonable sounding £25 - £35!

007 Forever!

When told of the controversy surrounding his appearance, Daryl commented that he had based his valuation on the prices he had seen on a dealer’s list. Infact, the weekend before the programme was transmitted, Daryl was attending Collect 2000 at Wembley where he saw the same gift set advertised for £75.00.  

He has also received a number of phone calls from fellow collector’s supporting his original estimate. At present there are at least two very high profile dealers advertising the gift set for £80 and £120.00!

All this goes to show that the collector’s market is extremely volatile, with the best advice being ‘Buyer Beware!’

'Did I Tell You About My Time On Blue Peter?'
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