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In addition to the memorable exhibition, ‘From Eastbourne With Love’ is also the title of the acclaimed documentary which profiles Daryl and his 007 collection. The video features exclusive behind the scenes material from ‘The Living Daylights’ together with an interview with Bond actor Tony Brothers. The 60 minute film spotlights many of Daryl’s rare collectibles in close-up and is accompanied by a John Barry inspired soundtrack. The main theme has recently been remixed by UK chart sensations The Cuban Boys. The tape received a cinema premiere and rave reviews were bestowed on it during the original release. ‘From Eastbourne...The Movie!’ has many fans amongst collectors around the world. The late Desmond Llewelyn declared it ‘Excellent!’. From Eastbourne With Love was also screened at the World of James Bond Exhibition at Portsmouth in December 1997. The video has recently been re-released.


‘From Eastbourne With Love -The Movie’ was directed by Mark Dawson and produced for Focus Video Productions. The idea came about when Daryl asked Mark (a corporate film maker) to document the exhibition for his private video archive. Overwhelmed by the public’s response to the event, the pair decided instead to produce a full length documentary. The film narrates the background to the staging of the unique exhibition and showcases Daryl’s amazing collection

Video Cover1999

The documentary also incorporates scenes of Desmond Llewelyn at the official opening and exclusive material of the Living Daylights Land Rover stunt at nearby Beachy Head.

'spider crabs...anyone?'

In addition, ‘From Eastbourne...The Movie’ includes an interview with local resident Anthony Chamberlaine Brothers. In 1962 Tony worked on the set of ‘Dr. No’ as the stand-in for Sean Connery. During the filming of his interview, Tony kept the Focus Video crew entertained with his impersonations of Bond director Terence Young. He also gave an insight into his time at Pinewood and of working for the film’s producers, Harry Saltzman & ‘Cubby’ Broccoli. Tony’s tale of the difficulties of filming with 100 spider crabs makes for hilarious viewing!

Principal photography on the documentary commenced in January 1996 during the latter stages of the exhibition. Locations for the ten week shoot included the gallery itself, the splendid gardens in which the Towner is situated and Eastbourne seafront

 It was here that the pre-credit sequence (a homage to George Lazenby’s screen introduction in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’) was created. The crew then relocated to Daryl’s home where many of the close ups of the collection were filmed.

A decade after the original Eon Productions film unit had been on location at the Beachy Head cliffs, the Focus Video crew retraced their footsteps for the retrospective ‘Land Rover’ sequence

The off-line edit was completed by Mark Dawson at Focus Video Productions through April and May.

Daryl took time out during April to marry his fiancé Jane. He returned from honeymoon to the finished cut and the production was then passed over to Matthew Derbyshire at Visual Illusions for on-lining through June and July.

Bootleg Soundtrack

In August composer Chris Yellowlees was brought in to score the documentary. Heavily influenced by John Barry’s classic James Bond scores of the 1960’s, (‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ in particular), Chris used contemporary sounds to give the production it’s own ‘007’ theme.

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Listen To The ‘From Eastbourne With Love’ theme tune (575 kb mono .wav file)

David Larner, a veteran of the 1960’s classic spy movie ‘The Ipcress File’ was chosen to narrate the project.

The film‘s sound was mixed at the Brighton based, Emmy award winning, studios of Victoria Real in November 1996. With the post production now completed, the premiere was arranged for December, coinciding with the first anniversary of the exhibition!

Due to the intense media interest in the project (echoing that of the exhibition), a suitable venue needed to be chosen for the film’s launch. The Curzon cinema in Eastbourne was where director Mark had seen his first James Bond movie 23 years earlier and seemed the appropriate location for the premiere and press launch.

Following this initial screening, ‘From Eastbourne With Love -The Movie’ went on sale and became a ‘hot’ 007 collectible in it’s own right, receiving widespread praise:

The highly sought after original release!

‘Anyone who has the slightest interest in collecting James Bond memorabilia will love this documentary devoted to Daryl’s superb 007 collection -a must have for fans the world over’

Dave Worrall, President of the James Bond Collectors Club, author of ‘The Essential Bond’, ‘The Most Famous Car In The World’ & ‘The James Bond Diecasts of Corgi’

‘If you ever wondered what kind of memorabilia was available...this is the video for you! Fascinating!

Model & Collector’s Mart magazine

The documentary was introduced to American Bond author Lee (‘The Incredible World of James Bond’) Pfeiffer by Dave Worrall. In December 1997, Lee was visiting the UK with a group of US fans, touring  famous Bond locations around the country. On the itinerary was a stopover at ‘The World of James Bond’ exhibition at Portsmouth Naval dockyard. This exhibition was produced by the Bond film makers and featured many of the fantastic props and costumes from the movies.

'World of James Bond' brochure

As an additional surprise for those on his tour, Lee Pfeiffer asked Mark to screen ‘From Eastbourne...’ during the group’s time at the exhibition. The projection area was set up next to the actual Aston Martin DB5 used in ‘Goldfinger’. Daryl and Mark had an enjoyable evening presenting their movie to the American guests.

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The Cuban Boys. L to R: Ricardo, Jenny, Skreen & BLU

In 1999, and as a result of Mark Dawson’s work in the music promo field, the documentary came to the attention of EMI recording artists ‘The Cuban Boys’. These quirky musicians are regulars on John Peel’s Radio One show and scored a number 4 hit with CVsI (AKA The Hamsterdance) in the Christmas music chart. The ‘Cubans’ remixed the main theme in their unique style, adding classic samples and upping the tempo of Chris Yellowlees’ original.

The result -’Bond Vs Castro’ - appeared on the ‘From Eastbourne... Official Bootleg’. This soundtrack recording was initially available as a free gift with the first run of videos. Today it can be downloaded (for free) from this site!

The decision to re-release ‘From Eastbourne With Love -The Move’ came about after the producers were inundated with enquiries from 007 collectors. Daryl was astonished at the interest still shown in the exhibition and his collection when he attended the premiere of ‘The World Is Not Enough’ at the Odeon, Leicester Square (in November 1999).

As a result, the tape received a makeover with a new cover design and was reissued at the special price of £12.99 in December. ‘From Eastbourne With Love’ is also available in NTSC format.

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