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On this page you will find a random selection of items from Daryl Burchmore’s 007 collection.  There will be frequent updates, allowing regular visitors to the site to see Daryl’s impressive archive for themselves, on-line.

Daryl’s collection is comprised of items relating to all of the 19 ‘official’ Eon produced James Bond films (made between 1962 and 1999). In addition it includes merchandise from Sean Connery’s 007 ‘comeback’,  ‘Never Say Never Again’ ( produced in 1983) and the 1967 spoof  version of ‘Casino Royale’.

Daryl collects the works of Bond creator Ian Fleming. His library also includes the James Bond novels by Kingsley Amis, John Gardener and Raymond Benson. These authors have continued the 007 literary legacy by creating new adventures for the super agent.

OHMSS Bobsleighs

‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ Bob-sleighs from Corgi

Rare Corgi models dating from 1970. Daryl rescued these from an ‘auto jumble’ where he paid 50 pence each for them in 1986. Packaged, they would be worth £100’s.

James Bond Greatest Hits Dutch Release

Classy packaging to the 1981 music compilation featuring the themes from Dr. No thru to For Your Eyes Only. This Dutch issue, in common with other European versions of this LP, only has 13 tracks. The UK release boasted 20 cuts (although the James Bond theme was repeated on both sides!). The omitted tracks were the instrumentals, including (incredibly) the OHMSS theme!

'I never joke about my work...'
'Why are overseas products always more interesting?'

1st Issue Corgi Gold Aston Martin

This model from 1965 was sold at the Christie’s auction for £700, thanks to  Desmond Llewelyn’s signature. The toy is still in production today!

Sweet Cigarettes

Moonraker Sweet Cigarettes (1979)

A trade box purchased from the Vintage Magazine Shop at the time of the film’s release. The individual boxes contained sweets and a collector’s ‘cigarette’ card featuring a still from the movie. Originally priced at 6p per packet!

Would you let your child loose with this?

‘Octopussy’ Toy Spin Saw

Another ‘politically incorrect’ 007 toy, this time from 1983. In the movie the saw is used to dispatch tennis star Vijay Amritraj! Produced in the UK by Wembley, the toy didn’t receive widespread distribution and today is much sought after by collectors both at home and across the globe. 

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