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Here Are The Best Bond Related Stories From The Past Few Months.

The most recent items are at the top, the earlier articles are at the bottom!

For the latest news items & Bond gossip please check our Current News pages.

Read about Desmond Llewelyn's Biography launch
The late Charles Gray
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June 2000

DVD Update

In the UK, MGM have just released the third title in the Region 2 James Bond DVD Collection. From Russia With Love (1963) was the second film in the series and the DVD comes with the standard extras (trailer, documentary, cast & crew commentaries etc.)as the previous releases. The retail price is £19.99, but shop around and you should be able to pick up a copy as low as £15.99!

Meanwhile, word from across the Atlantic is that the recent release of ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ on Region 1 DVD is a botched job. The print used is cut, with 20 seconds missing from the stock car serquence alone, together with a few lines of dialogue and the Campbell climbing sequence.

Can anyone out there with a copy confirm / deny this?

Never Say Never Again has been acquired my MGM for release on DVD. The 1984 movie, originally distributed by Warner Brothers has always been in direct competition to Eon’s official series. It joins Casino Royal (1967), a Columbia Pictures release, and aslo currently residing in MGM’s archive as the company attempts to release all the James Bond films made to date on the one label. It remains unclear if NSNA will be given the same ‘special collectors edition’ treatment as the Eon series

Bond FX Wizard Wows Battle School Children

Monday 26th. Visual Special Effects Supervisor Nick Finlayson, whose credits include the last six Bond movies as well as ‘Aliens’ (1986) & ‘The Mummy’ (1999), gave an illustrated talk on his craft at the Battle Marvellium.

Held inside a giant 400 seater marquee within the grounds of Battle Abbey, the Marvellium is an educational festival for local schoolchildren.

As well as entertaining the pupils with anecdotes from his career, Nick brought along with him one of the ‘Q’ craft (the jet boat from the impressive opening sequence to ‘The World Is Not Enough’).

Of special interest to ‘From Eastbourne With Love’ fans is the fact that Nick Finlayson was the man responsible for the effects on the Beachy Head Landrover stunt.

Find out more in the special report on the day Daryl Burchmore & Mark Dawson met up with the SPFX guru.

Real Life ‘Miss Moneypenny’ Dies

Saturday 24th. The death, in a Hastings nursing home, has been announced of Vera Atkins (92), the real life inspiration for the ‘Miss Moneypenny’ character in the Bond series.

During World War Two Vera Atkins worked as a secretary attached to the French section of the Special Operations Executive where she helped organise resistance groups. Her superior was legendary spy master Maurice Buckman who later became Ian Fleming’s model for the ‘M’ character, hence the ‘Moneypenny’ assocaition.

After the war, Vera helped track down 117 people responsible for the murders of SOE agents sent into occupied France. She was awarded  both the Legion d’Honneur and the CBE.

A memorial service is expected to be held in London, in September. 

Desmond Llewelyn Memorial Announced

Friday 23rd. The Bexhill Observer announced within it’s pages that it is sponsoring a perpetual trophy, The Desmond Llewelyn Cup, to honour the late actor who contributed so much to town life.

The cup will be awarded annually to the individual or group considered to have made a special contribution in the field of the arts in Bexhill.

Nominees will be under 25 years of age and the final choice will be made by a panel of independant judges.

The Observor wrote: ‘Desmond first appeared on stage in Bexhill back in 1930. He remained a popular figure about the town, always approachable, ever willing to take a full and active part in the community he loved.’

On behalf of the family, Ivor Llewelyn welcomed the initiative “It sounds like a good idea. It would tie in with his career. He met my mother while he was acting in Bexhill.”

“I think my farther would have liked the idea of fostering the arts.”

The Desmond Llewelyn Cup is to be presented for the first time later this year.

Desmond Llewelyn Inquest

Tuesday 13th. The inquest for Desmond Llewelyn took place at Eastbourne Coroner’s Court.

Returning a verdict of accidental death, the coroner described the collision, between Mr. Llewelyn’s Renault Megane and an on-coming Fiat Bravo on the A27 in December last year, as a ‘very tragic accident’.

After the inquest, his sons described Desmond as a kind man who was still sorely missed.

Justin Lleweyn said “People were so kind after he died. The Bond cast all paid tribute to him and sent their condolences.”

 “We received more than 1000 letters and there was a website which was full of tributes to him.”

“We are glad that the inquest is over now. But his family still miss him dearly.”

Stuntman Terry Forrestal Dies In Base Jump Accident

Saturday 10th. Veteran stuntman Terry Forrestal died tragically today in Norway when his reserve parachute failed to open during a base jump (parachuting a short drop from a fixed point such as a mountain).

‘Fearless’ Forrestal died after spending hours injured on a ridge after an accident on his first jump. Cold and approaching giving up hope of rescue, Terry (52) attempted a second leap of 1000ft with a reserve chute, but there wasn’t enough time for it to open.

The leading stuntman, whose specialities included diving, parachuting, motorbike stunts and horse effects, was a Bond veteran, having workd on ‘Moonraker’ (1979), ‘Octopussy’ (1983) 7 ‘A View To A Kill’ (1985).

In 1996 he hit the world’s headlines when he checked out of a Danish hotel in a cloud of smoke, plunging 90ft from the roof onto an airbag, to promote the video release of ‘GoldenEye’.

Teryy’s other film work included the blockbusters ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ & ‘Titanic’

June 2000

‘Bond 20’ Rumours Dispelled

Eon Productions recently took the unprecedented move to denounce the current internet rumours surrounding the next 007 film.

An official announcement on jamesbond.com laid waste to such ‘reports’ that the plot of the up-coming movie would see Bond team up with the IRA for a story involving the current situation in Northern Ireland. Also, that the title was set to be ‘Beyond The Ice’ and Dame Judi Dench was to be replaced as ‘M’.

Shooting is scheduled to commence on the next adventure in March 2001.


Thursday 25th. Composer David Arnold was today honoured with an Ivor Novello Award in the Best Original Score catagory for his soundtrack to ‘The World Is Not Enough’.

May 2000

Bond Arrives On UK DVD

May 22nd. The two movies chosen for the initial Region Two DVD releases hit the shelves today. ‘Dr. No’ and ‘The World Is Not Enough’ are released on the new format as Special Editions. Both titles include tons of extras (in the case of ‘TWINE’ this includes the Garbage music video, making of documentary, director’s commentary and a tribute to Desmond Llewelyn). The retail price of both titles is £19.99 each. The remaining Bond movies will be released, in order, over the ensuing months.

Most telling of all is the omission of ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ from the release schedule. However, owners of an appropriate DVD player are advised that the Region One release of ‘OHMSS’ has just been announced

Dame Judi To Quit?

May 20th. The British press are today reporting that Dame Judi Dench has quit her role as ‘M’ in the 007 films, after three adventures. Her replacement is tipped to be  former ‘Equaliser’ Edward Woodward, who recently impressed as the CI5 chief in the ‘New Professionals’. True story or is the rumour mill working overtime? Watch this space.....

OHMSS to air on ITV

ITV have announced that they will be screening George Lazenby’s sole contribution to the 007 series on Monday 29th May at 3.15pm. Let’s hope it’s not as cut as last year’s print....

Advance notice!

Derek Meddings Tribute Weekend, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th May 2000

Bond & Beyond: The Movie Magic of Derek Meddings is a tribute weekend to the late SPFX genius to be held in the Pictureville Cinema at the ‘National Museum of Film, Photography & Television, Bradford on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May.

There will be the chance to enjoy Derek’s effects work in 35mm prints of ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, ‘Moonraker’, ‘For Your Eyes Only’ and ‘GoldenEye’ together with a chance to view Bond props & costumes. Production designer Peter Lamont (‘Titanic’, ‘Aliens’, ‘The World Is Not Enough’ etc.) will be attending on Sunday.

There will also be screenings of ‘Superman’, ‘Doppelganger’, ‘Krull’ and ‘Batman’ in addition to episodes from ‘Thunderbirds’ & ‘UFO’. Models of Fab 1, UFO’s Sky One  and puppets from the series will also be on display.

Contact the box office on 01274 202030

ITV Screen ‘Live & Let Die’

May 1st. Roger Moore’s debut 007 movie received another UK bank holiday afternoon screening.

Although the print shown was the remastered widescreen print previously screened during last summer’s Bond season, this broadcast was ruined by an on-screen charity logo displayed throughout. Scrolling messages displayed at random added to the distraction. The 4.00 pm timeslot saw the inevitable ITV censorship with the main casualty seemingly the film’s ‘strong language’ (Sherrif Pepper’s cussing and the jive talkin’! ‘Move you muthas...!’ )  

April 2000

‘For Your Eyes Only’ Soundtrack Released On Cd -At Last!

The soundtrack to the 1981 Roger Moore movie has finally been released on CD. Apart from a pirated North American release in 1995, this is the first CD outing for Bill  ‘Rocky’ Conti’s only 007 score.

The album is the latest release in the MGM Soundtrack series. Previous Bond entries in this range have been the enhanced scores to both ‘Octopussy’ and ‘The Living Daylights’.

The ‘FYEO’ Remastered Deluxe Version contains an additional 20 minutes of music not included in the original release. The disc has a total running time of 58 minutes 50s and retails around the £14.00 mark

Stop Press+++ EMI have announced that they are to release remastered soundtrack CDs to all the Bond movies later this year+++

Never Say Never.......Again & Again!

Los Angeles. Film producer Kevin McClory loses Bond court case.....

The protracted legal action brought by Kevin McClory against MGM is finally over. McClory collaborated on the 1965 Bond feature ‘Thunderball’ and claimed to own part of the Bond character, based on his work on that movie’s script. In court, McClory had tried to claim partial responsibility for the success of all the Bond films produced since then (a total of 14 movies up to the date of the court action).

As most of the key players in the case are now dead, the LA judge ruled that this may result in unfair prejudice against MGM and declared that McClory should have made his claim sooner, and not have waited 36 years to do so!

Kevin McClory was involved in the 1984 Connery Bond film ‘Never Say Never Again’ and together with studio owners Sony was planning a rival series of 007 adventure movies. With Sony already having settled out of court, the judge’s ruling should finally put an end to Mr. McClory’s plans....

March 2000

Desmond Llewelyn Memorial Service

March 27th, London. Family, friends and colleagues together with James Bond fans today gathered at St. Paul’s Church, Knightsbridge for the memorial service to the late actor, Desmond Llewelyn.

Crowds of on-lookers and the world’s press saw the arrival of an assortment of Bond celebrities from over the years which included Shirley Eaton (Goldfinger), Christopher Lee (The Man With The Golden Gun) and Samantha Bond (The current Miss Moneypenny). Also in attendance was former James Bond star Roger Moore.

Composer David Arnold, double Oscar winning production designer Peter Lamont, Lewis Gilbert (director of ‘You Only Live Twice’, ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ & ‘Moonraker’), Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (the writers of ‘The World Is Not Enough’) together wth Dana and Barbara Brocoli, were amongst those representing the Bond crew, past and present.

An area of St Pauls’s had been set aside for members of the public. Along with the invited guests the church , was filled to capacity.

During the one hour service, Samantha Bond read ‘Peace’ by Henry Vaughn & ‘Crossing The Bar’ by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Roger Moore and John Parkinson, Vice President of Marketing for Eon Productions, also addressed the congregation. Video screens around the church showed images of Desmond throughout his colourful life; as a soldier and as an actor, together with more private moments; as a parent and grandparent. The later scenes accompanied by the moving ‘We Have All The Time In The World’.

After the service, a private reception was held for invited guests. Daryl Burchmore attended the event representing the ‘From Eastbourne With Love’ crew.

Actor Charles Gray Dies

March 8th. The actor Charles Gray died today aged 71. He specialized in suave unsympathetic roles during his career and played Bond’s arch nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld in ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ (1971). A spokeswoman for Eon Productions said ‘Charles was a great actor in a memorable film’. He also appeared in ‘You Only Live Twice’ (1967) as  Dikko Henderson.

February 2000

The ‘From Eastbourne With Love’ web site finally goes on-line!

January 2000

‘Q’ Television Tributes Aired

Desmond Llewelyn had been working with a television crew on a profile to coincide with the release of his biography. The material was aired nationally on Channel 4 in the 65 minute tribute ‘Now Pay Attention 007’. Edited from this material were two separate and ‘regionalised’ programmes. These were shown in the Meridian and HTV areas only. Each programme concentrated on different periods in  Desmond’s life; his upbringing and youth in Wales (HTV) and his time in the South East, primarily Battle and Bexhill, where he met his wife and the couple set up their home (Meridian).

Desmond Llewelyn’s Funeral At Battle

January 6th. The funeral service took place today of Desmond Llewelyn at Battle, East Sussex. Amongst the mourners were Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, the actors Colin Salmon and Samantha Bond, author Sandy Hernu and from the fan fraternity Graham Rye, Dave Worrall and Daryl Burchmore.

December 1999

‘From Eastbourne With Love’ Reissued!

The acclaimed documentary has been re-released due to public demand. The unexpected reaction from the fans Daryl met at ‘The World Is Not Enough’ premiere has prompted the film makers to reissue the documentary at the special price of £12.99. The tape now comes with an ‘official bootleg’ audio tape of Chris Yellowlees’ score. Heavily influenced by John Barry’s music for OHMSS, the tape also includes a remix by the ‘saviours of the music industry’ -The Cuban Boys.

Desmond Llewelyn Dies In Car Accident

Sunday 19th. Popular actor Desmond Llewelyn was today tragically killed after a head-on collision on the A27 near Firle, East Sussex. Airlifted to nearby Eastbourne District Hospital after the incident, Desmond never regains consciousness. The world is shocked at the news and the entire Bond family (the film makers, the actors and the fans) mourn the passing of a legend. Daryl pays tribute to his friend in the local press by referring to Desmond  as ‘a real gentleman’

Cuban Boys Chart at Number 4

‘From Eastbourne With Love’ remixers The Cuban Boys hit gold with their first release on the EMI label. Cognoscenti Versus Intelligensia (Or ‘CVsI’) enters the UK music charts at number 4. In the race for the coveted Christmas Number One the ‘Cubans’ are beaten only by such established acts as John Lennon, Sir Cliff Richard and Westlife!

November 1999

Desmond Llewelyn’s Biography Launched

‘From Eastbourne With Love’ co-producers Mark Dawson & Daryl Burchmore recently had the honour of being guests at the London book launch of ‘Q’ -The Biography of Desmond Llewelyn.

The function, at Waterstones of Piccadilly, was arranged by SB Publications of Seaford, East Sussex.

Amongst the guests were the book’s author Sandy Hernu, members of Desmond’s family, Bond movie special effects ace Bert Luxford, Dave Worrall and the great man himself -Desmond Llewelyn!

A signed limited edition hardback copy was on sale for £25. Only 1000 copies will be made available, with numbers 1-10 already consigned to a bank vault!

Eon Productions sent along a videotape of congratulations from various Bond celebrities including, Michael Wilson, Barbara Broccoli, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan who was keen to pay tribute to Desmond on the occasion of his 85th birthday!

Sadly absent was Amanda Schofield, publicity manager for Eon who passed away a few days before and who had helped Sandy with the book. Her funeral had taken place earlier in the day and Desmond and a number of the other mourners had flown back to London straight after the service for the book launch. DB.

Producers Visit ‘Licence To Thrill’ ride

Whilst in London Daryl Burchmore and Mark Dawson took the opportunity of checking out the new James Bond ride at the Trocadero.

Having entered a fake naval base, you are shown into ‘Q’s workshop where you view the underwater Lotus (from ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’) and the ‘Octopussy’ Acrostar mini jet.

After identifying the location of a miniature video camera you are shown by a base personnel member into a briefing room to see a video message from ‘M’ (as played by Judi Dench) and ‘Q’ (Desmond Llewelyn).

Once you have been briefed you are escorted through to the mission room. Sitting in a special pod, you watch a specially made mini Bond movie. As you view the adventure, your pod interacts with the on-screen action.

Licence To Thrill proves to be fun but could have been better! DB.

‘The World Is Not Enough’ Premieres

19th Bond movie ‘The World Is not Enough’ opens in the US, prior to it’s European premiere at the Odeon, Leicester Square. In London, Daryl is amongst the many fans in the crowds who watch as Pierce Brosnan make a grand entrance (but don’t see him slip out the back way prior to the film screening. Instead Brosnan opts to attend a private dinner engagement in an exclusive club!). Daryl is also amazed at the number of people who recognize him due to the popularity of the exhibition and documentary.

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