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The James Bond movies have often been accompanied on their theatrical release by some stunning artwork. The cinema posters have at times brilliantly conveyed the excitement of the on-screen action and the early designs were a major inspiration to Daryl Burchmore to start collecting memorabilia! Yet on occasion, some artwork produced around the world has been so bland as to make you wonder how any studio exec can ever have approved the design, not if they wanted to sell any tickets to the movie!

Over the years fans have spent many an hour trying to identify if the generic character on some Bond poster is supposed to be Connery, Moore or that ‘other fella’, Lazenby. Ironically, it is Australian posters which often feature notoriously bad artists impressions of the central characters!

For serious collectors it is the original UK quads (especially those of a 1960’s vintage), which are the most desirable. A recent US auction house sold a near mint ‘Dr No’ quad (from 1962) for an outrageous $12,000!

Since the late 1980’s (from ‘Licence To Kill’ onwards), the 007 series has followed modern cinema trends and abandoned the skills of the graphic artist in favour of those of the photo compositor. Today’s designs are no more than photographic montages, depicting stills from the movies’ best scenes.

In honour of times past we present ‘the good, the bad and the damn near ugly’ amongst James Bond movie posters from the past 38 years.


Thunderball 1965 (unused artwork)

'Now thats what I call a design...!'

A rare, action-filled work for the UK which was never utilised. Certain features found their place in the final designs, (Bond strapped onto the jet pack, for instance), otherwise this artwork unbelievably lay forgotten in the vaults for over 30 years!

Daleon Enterprises released a limited edition litho print of this masterpiece in 1998.

Australian 1960’s Double Bill

Did Sean Connery ever have this much hair? Note the ‘Not suitable for Children’ logo! ITV censors please take note!!

From Russia With Love (1963)

'James Bond Is Back!'

Posters from two very different eras. On the left, the most realistic film in the series from Sean Connery, contrasts against the increasingly outrageous and comic story lines of the Roger Moore period, right. Both designs are from Germany, where the films have seen huge box office returns.

Octopussy (1983) Advance

''If you'd just like to point out the real Roger Moore from the line-up!'
From The Era Before CDs....

ForYour Eyes Only (1981) Soundtrack Ad

Promo items are nearly always available free from your local store, yet manage to attract a high price on the collector’s circuit!

Whatever Happened To....?

You Only Live Twice (1967) Italian Posters

These designs predate the modern photo montage posters by 20 years! They have more in common with the American lobby cards than UK quads, being of a similar size. Daryl has managed to track down 3 variations of the design. Were any more produced?

    COMING SOON: More Unusual Posters!

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