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Aston Martin DB5
Curzon manager Roy Galloway
The busy lobby!

The ‘From Eastbourne With Love’ documentary received it’s first public screening at the Curzon cinema, the resort’s sole remaining town centre movie house.

The theatre held a significant place in Mark’s life when in 1973, as an impressionable seven year old, his mother had taken him to see ‘Live And Let Die’. 22 years later he was proud that the Curzon, thanks to the generosity of owner Roy Galloway, should be the launch pad for ‘From Eastbourne...’

Guests at the screening were thrilled with the appearance of a genuine Aston Martin DB5 outside the cinema. This classic motorcar will be forever associated with Bond after it’s sensational screen debut in ‘Goldfinger’ (1964). The Aston drew admiring glances from passersby as it promoted the video’s launch.

Inside, as guests enjoyed drinks in the lobby, Daryl and Mark were interviewed by various newspaper reporters. BBC Radio Southern Counties broadcast a report from the venue, interviewing the co-producers along with Tony Brothers.

At last the time of the screening arrived. As the opening scenes appeared on the giant video screen, a hush descended upon the gathering. A tense Daryl and Mark could only watch and await the audience’s reaction.

An hour later, applause broke around the auditorium. The film makers could breathe easily once again as the congratulations came thick and fast from their guests.

L to R: Daryl, Mark & David Larner
Have I told you the one about the crabs...?
'Hey! We're on the radio!

Listen To Part Of The BBC Radio Broadcast By Paul Segert. (803KB mono .wav file).


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