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L: Mark Dawson & R: Daryl Burchmore

Daryl Burchmore

A 'T.W.I.N.E' Jet Boat!
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Mark Dawson

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Find out how Daryl Burchmore fulfilled a 16 year ambition when his 007 collection wowed visitors to the Towner Art Gallery in 1995. Visit the Photo Gallery to relive the groundbreaking event on-line

Learn about the production of the 007 collector’s favourite documentary from the director Mark Dawson. Listen to the acclaimed soundtrack by Chris Yellowlees & The Cuban Boys. View photos from the film’s premiere at the Curzon cinema and hear the BBC radio broadcast of the event.

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Order the James Bond documentary made by collectors for collectors!

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1986...When the new James Bond really was ‘living on the edge...’ Go behind the scenes on the set of ‘The  Living Daylights’ Land Rover stunt, filmed at Beachy Head.

Featuring an update by FX genius Nick Finlayson

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Get the lowdown on Daryl’s amazing collection -one of the top in the UK! Read of his involvement in the historic Christie’s James Bond auction in 1998. There is also the opportunity to view some of the more unusual merchandise in his archive via the on-line gallery.

The Poster Gallery

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NEW! Your chance to buy the latest 007 merchandise @ reduced prices on-line! In association with amazon.co.uk

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The page where you can discover the latest info from the world of James Bond; see the latest additions to the Burchmore collection and catch up with the activities of the ‘From Eastbourne With Love’ video crew.

Our News Archive contains the best Bond stories from January - June 2000

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The Bond Special Effects supervisor recently spoke at the Battle Marvellium. Mark & Daryl were there to meet him....

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Your chance to grab the fantastic Cuban Boys track ‘Bond Vs Castro’ for free (and in glorious MP3 format!).

Plus download some QuickTime clips of Daryl’s fabulous documentary.

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Do you collect 007? Have you any Bond items to trade or sell? Maybe you have a James Bond wants list. Whatever your 007 interest, here’s the place to post your topic!

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The section relating to some unusual 007 collectibles. Can you offer any assistance?

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Daryl with 'The Living Daylights' Land Rover Wheel!
Mark Dawson @ the Battle Marvellium
Daryl In Controversial TV Appearance!
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